Disney Infinity 2.0!

Well, it’s here!

Disney Infinity 2.0


We got ours for the PS3, for $68 at Big W. It’s amazing how wide a range the prices are (the same thing cost up to $98 in other stores)! We haven’t played it yet, because, a certain somebody wants to keep it for Christmas (boo!)…

But this is what I’m looking forward to even more:

Disney Infinity Stitch


My favourite character, Stitch, is arriving at Disney Infinity! Mark the day- November 6.  I might even get 2! There will also be a number of Disney characters released then.




RIP Genie :-(


We lost a great entertainer yesterday. Whilst I didn’t know him, Robin Williams made me, and millions of others laugh through his work. From being the blue Genie, to Patch Adams, to Mrs Doubtfire, he was so talented. Yet, his ability to make others laugh and cry still didn’t fulfil his own personal need- of being happy in himself. The fact that there are so many tributes out there, not only from the celebrities whom he worked with, but also from complete strangers who only knew him from they saw on the movie and TV screen, it’s a tribute to the enormous amount of people he influenced in one way or another.


Robin Williams


The world is a little less happy today. RIP Genie.



Olaf & Stitch

Recently, a friend got me an Olaf from the Disney Store in the UK, and he now sits next to Stitch (I got him last time I was in California):

Olaf & StitchI really feel like going back to Disneyland. Why? Because it makes me happy. It makes my daughter happy. And it makes my wife happy. That’s all the reasons I need.

Life is full of trials and tribulations, and sometimes it is important to escape from the everyday problems and just be. That’s what happens when I am in the home of the mouse. I don’t think about how much I dislike work, how I feel like everybody wants a part of me, until I have nothing left to give. It’s a place where we can do what we want, see what we want to see, and do what we want to do. And even though it’s a few short weeks, it’s what is needed to make the rest life bearable.

We’ll be going back to Disneyland next year- I just wish it was sooner rather than later. 3-4 weeks of escape: just what this doctor ordered! Bring on 2015!




On Friday, I finally had the opportunity to see Maleficent at the Hoyts cinema in Westfield Chatswood. At the Candy Bar, there was a special themed soda and popcorn, which also comes with a deck of Maleficent themed playing cards in a special tin. I’m not sure it’s an authentic Disney collectible, but:


The movie itself, I thought was excellent. I was able to become completely immersed in the adventure, which I gather is somewhat different to the original story of Sleeping Beauty (I admit that I have never fully watched it). Without giving away the spoilers, Angelina plays a great pseudo-villain who is more misunderstood than evil. Lasting just over an hour and a half, the movie was well constructed, the effects were excellent, and the intrigue was there. The role of Maleficent is perfectly suited to somebody with a presence like Angie, and she was well supported by the lesser know Fanning sister who plays Aurora.

I know that there will be some people (there always are) who complain that the movie is not faithful to the story, but it’s an updated version of an old adventure, where nothing much is lost from the alteration in the story line. We thought about bringing our 8 year old daughter to this movie, but having seen the monsters, etc, we are glad that we didn’t. Having said that, there were plenty of little ones in the cinema who did not seem the slightest bit fazed by the noise, action and violence- it all comes down to how much of this kinda stuff your kids have been exposed to, I guess.

As I said, I really liked the movie; it’s great that Disney caters for the bigger “kids” too. I give this film an 8.5 out of 10.



Disney Infinity

It’s been a little while; recently, things haven’t felt very Disney 😦
Hurt my back last weekend and ended up spending the whole week at home, at the physio, doing rehab exercises. It didn’t feel any more pleasant than being at work. It’s amazing that, even when you feel a little better, how much a nagging sore back can make you feel exhausted and drained.

Anyway, back to Disney, which is always something fun to talk about. Yesterday, there were a few sales at the local Target and eBay games, so we bought these:



The Toy Story with Jessie and Buzz is a genuine playset, whilst Anna and Elsa work only in the Toy Box. I’ve never played the Toy Box, but it’s something I’m going to look into, because you can also play it on an iPad.

Speaking of all things Disney Infinity, there has been an announcement about the upcoming Disney Infinity 2.0. Marvel heroes are heavily featured, but there will also be a host of other characters being introduced, including Merida, Maleficient, and my favourite, Stitch! However, it’s likely that these other characters will not form part of a playset, but will only be playable on the 2.0 version of the Toy Box (another reason I need to get into it). The apparent release date is sometime this coming Fall (which means Spring over here), and so I’m guessing maybe by Christmas.

It’s time to reconnect the PS3 (which has been out of action since we started doing the renovations and added Foxtel IQ to our entertainment arsenal)- let’s play Toy Box!



Your Disney Family

I came across this when I was taking a look at the Disneyland blog. It’s called “show your Disney side”, and one part of it allows you to create a picture of your family (just like those stickers you see stuck on the rear windshield of a lot of cars). It’s kinda cute, and customisable. I made you for my family below:


You can create your own via this link (this is the mobile version as I’m writing this on my tablet). There is also some more cool stuff on the site which is worth checking out.

Movie #1- Lilo & Stitch

Lilo & Stitch

The first in the series of Lilo & Stitch- about a broken family, and a cute (“and fluffy”) alien experiment who is adopted into the family, teaches us about the concept of “Ohana”, the Hawaiian term for family.  Nobody is left behind, or forgotten, no matter what their bad traits are. Families do everything they can to help one another in time of crisis, no matter what the history has been between members.

Nobody saw the good points about “Experiment 626”, except Lilo. When he first arrived, he was destructive, and almost caused Lilo and Nani to be separated. The harder he tried, the worse things got. Stitch felt alone, as though nobody understood him (a feeling that many of us have, at least from time to time). But ultimately, he saves the day.  He battles Captain Gantu and wins, and saves a little frog in the process.

When it looks like all is lost, the concept of family emerges. And it proves that family doesn’t mean everybody has to look the same, or come from the same place, or from the same womb:

lilo family

Family basically means that you care for each other, and that nobody gets left behind, or forgotten.